Multi-Dimensions of 21st Century Teaching and Learning

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We have multiple opportunities available for your field trip experience, such as our Star Lab, Animal Zone, Hands-On Science Museum Scavenger Hunt as well as, fun science lessons, games or activities. 

No matter how BIG or small, we make your trip to ETHOS, Fun, Exciting & Engaging!  Schedule your trip today!

Science Kit Training:

STC, FOSS, & SEPUP science kit lessons explained and demonstrated. Get the most out of your curriculum.

Inquiry/Practices of Science:

Inquiry is the practice of science, but what does that look like for students? How do teachers make subtle shifts to create a more inquiry-based classroom for all? Learn how to support fundamental science and engineering practices.

Motivating Reluctant Students:

Ignite and excite students with that “can do” spirit. Learn strategies to increase student productivity and build confidence in all learners. Experience low-prep research-based techniques that encourage participation by every student.


Techniques to implement formative and summative assessment in your curriculum planning. Includes: entrance/exit tickets, rubrics, and numerous strategies to assess students’ understanding.

A Mindset for Learning:

How to foster a growth mindset in your school. Put mindset research into practice for the success of students.

Teaching with Primary Sources:

Help students analyze primary sources to guide them toward higher order thinking and critical thinking and analysis skills. Engage and promote student inquiry through use of original documents and objects.

Engineering Workshop:

Learn the skills you need to foster student-centered, inquiry-based learning while enhancing your knowledge of engineering content and the design process.

Science and Literacy:

Reading and writing are essential parts of science literacy. Examine the ways in which literacy contributes to students’ science learning and, in turn, how science provides an authentic context for students to use their literacy skills.

Indiana STEM Certification:

Walk through the Indiana STEM Certification rubric and the steps necessary to become an Indiana STEM Certified school.

Picture Perfect, with BackwardDesign and 5E Learning cycle:

Engage in Picture Perfect science lessons while applying the BSCS 5E model to supplement your existing science program. An ideal framework to encourage students to read, explore and talk about the world around them.

PBL Strategies:

Learn to develop the content, process, and product of your PBL lessons. Differentiate between problem-based, project-based, and challenge-based learning.

Transformative Teaching Techniques:

Changing classrooms culturally, emotionally and academically to deepen student learning. Gain six effective foundations to reach all learners.

Lisa Nyers is a credentialed teacher and consultant/coach who has presented in numerous school districts. Her background in curriculum offers valuable insights for instructional integration. Her teaching experience ranges from pre-K to college.

BS & MS in Elementary Education, Endorsements in Reading, Gifted/Talented, Middle School Science.

More Qualificaitons:

  • STEAM Certified
  • Shaping Student Mindsets
  • Exploratorium-fundamentals of Inquiry-Assessing for learning
  • Engineering is Elementary Trainers
  • STC, FOSS, & SEPUP Curriculum Trainers
  • AAAS-Project 2061, K-12 Learning Goals
  • NGSS & Engineering Practices, BSCS
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Space Academy for Educators, NASA
  • Activities Integrating Math and Science, Aims Education Foundation
  • Project Wild, Project Learning Tree, Project Wet
  • Library of Congress,Primary Resources, IU
  • Modeling in Physics & Physical Science, ND
  • Analyzing Instructional Materials, BSCS/Wested
  • CREST (Collaborating for Education & Research, ND)
Structure of Services

  • Services can be customized to meet your needs
  • All services are aligned with State/ Common Core State Standards/Next Generation Science Standards
  • Services use inquiry-based learning and the 5e Learning Model
  • Services integrate Literacy, Math, Technology and History of Science
  • Services address Purpose, Pedagogy, Curriculum & Instruction, Environment, Assessment, and Material Support
  • Services incorporate 21st Century Skills.