We'll Take Our Science to Go!

The Science 2 Go Bus is a mobile science laboratory designed for grades K – 8. It contains six lab stations and some state of the art technology, including a computer for each station.

The Science 2 Go Bus is operated through a joint effort by Elkhart Community Schools and ETHOS. Any school in Elkhart County may request a Science 2 Go visit by completing the required visit forms and requesting a date.

Contact John Moran, the Bus Facilitator, with the form below to begin setting up your visit!

About the Experience

The Science-2-Go Bus is a state of the art science training center that gives Elkhart area students and teachers the opportunity to explore science in new ways and look at their world through the eyes of a scientist. Science helps to teach how to solve problems, a necessary skill for an ever-changing environment.

Within the mobile lab, six lab stations are found that can comfortably seat four students on bench seats. Each lab station will have access to a computer, variety of electronic laboratory probes, digital computer cameras, and interactive computer simulations, so that the entire lab group can plot changes, share in the viewing, and experience new ideas on the computer.

Each student will work individually or in teams of 2 to 6 students, dependent upon class size. A variety of standards-based, innovative, hands-on inquiry activities will help lead the students toward building new science concepts or reinforcing those presented in the classroom.

The Science 2 Go staff gratefully acknowledges the Chaka Fattah Learning Lab for their permission to use their manual as a guide and the Elkhart Community School Corporation for their support in housing and providing the upkeep for the science bus.

The 2 denotes the dual use of the Science 2 Go Bus, which is for both educating students and the professional development training of teachers.

The mission of the bus is to serve as a key educational resource that encourages the use and teaching of technology and hands-on science so that students and adults incorporate science into their everyday lives.

  1. To provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art and interactive science experiences for students, teachers, and the general public.
  2. To encourage students to connect their formal science learning with higher education, industry, and the local scientific community.
  3. To support the continued professional development of educators in best teaching practices for science and technology.
  4. To emphasize how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are integrated into an effective science program.
  5. To increase community awareness and support for science and technology.
  6. To strengthen student awareness of opportunities in science careers.
  7. To stimulate interest in various science areas resulting in life-long learners of science.
  8. To act as a high profile symbol of our community’s commitment to innovative science education.