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July 6th – 10th, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm    PreK – K Grades

Science at its best for young campers.  Hands-on learning is the most appropriate way for young children to learn about their world.  We will be mixing paint of different kinds, tempera, water colors, shaving cream, pipettes, lots of baggies, experiences like mono prints, object art, straw blowing, squirt bottles and gluing, ice cube painting, tennis ball painting, clean mud, bubble wrap and kitchen utensil activity, Oobleck and slime (they make themselves).  Child centered play might look like just playing, but it’s about: Science, observation, action, reaction, cause and effect, gravity, density, absorption, evaporation, colors, weight, volume, distance, balance, and physics.

(Camper may receive a free lunch provided by Elkhart Community Schools by choosing the Free Lunch option below)