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One of the best meteor showers you can experience is coming on the weekend of August 11-13! If possible, view from somewhere free of city lights, and from Elkhart, look towards Detroit. This is a late evening event, that may not pick up until after midnight, but if the weather is permitting, it may be the best shower of the year… and possibly years.

Why? The moon is a new moon, so its brightness will be absent from the sky… a nice dark tapestry for meteors. Also, earlier in the evening, 2 to 3 bright objects – the planets Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury (only visible at sunset) will be in the west sky. A very bright red Mars will host the sky, crossing midway looking south. And Saturn will be making its trip – with its ringed shape visible for those with binoculars or a basic telescope.

If weather is dry and bug repellent available, a backyard sleep-out may allow those who don’t doze off the chance to see the streaks of gravel sized comet debris burn up as they transition to meteorites.  We are seeing the pieces that escaped from Comet Swift Tuttle.

For more information, go to: https://www.space.com/32868-perseid-meteor-shower-guide.html


(Image: NASA/Bill Ingalls Text: John Taylor)